We have tele-therapy: therapy via secure video conferencing and telephone during the COVID-19 pandemic

About Ashton Lofgreen, PhD, CD(DONA) and her independently owned and operated private practice:

Ashton Lofgreen, PhD, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist; she received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Auburn University. She completed her internship training at the Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital and her postdoctoral training at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center. In addition to her practice at HLCC, she is an adjunct faculty member at Rush University Medical Center where she has worked with U.S. Military Veterans overcoming the impact of combat stress and Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

Dr. Lofgreen specializes in work with adult survivors of relational trauma, such as childhood abuse, interpersonal violence, sexual trauma, complicated bereavement, and experiences of prejudice and discrimination. Dr. Lofgreen is also a trained childbirth doula, which enhances her ability to provide psychotherapy support for issues related to traumatic childbirth, bereavement of miscarriage or stillbirth, postpartum depression and anxiety, and difficulties related to past interpersonal trauma that may arise during pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. Dr. Lofgreen integrates a mind-body perspective in trauma recovery, with an appreciation for the long-term imprint that relational trauma leaves in the nervous system.

Therapy is most beneficial when the approach is adapted to the unique strengths, preferences, and cultural background of the client. Therefore, Dr. Lofgreen remains flexible in response to her clients. She views therapeutic work through the lens of “relational-cultural theory,” which proposes that humans are healthiest when in authentic connection to others. Dr. Lofgreen strives to foster a therapeutic relationship that allows clients to recognize vital inner resources and connect with their sense of purpose and community. Dr. Lofgreen also frequently draws from principles of cognitive-behavioral theory—particularly when collaborating with clients to navigate challenges and achieve goals. She is experienced in evidence-based treatments including Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Prolonged Exposure (PE), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Dr. Lofgreen works with adults, older adults, and adolescents.

Dr. Lofgreen’s work on sexual consent has been featured in both local and national media outlets. 

How Men Misunderstand Sexual Consent – Chicago Tonight

Why Do Men Think Women Want to Have Sex When They Don’t: A New Study Explains Why – Newsweek

It’s important for you to feel comfortable with your therapist. Please call Dr. Lofgreen for a free 30-minute phone consultation (773 – 831 – 5700) to determine if the services she provides seem like the right fit for you.

• She accepts private pay clients and is currently in network with BCBS – PPO.

***COVID-19 response:  Dr. Lofgreen is offering tele-therapy during this trying time.  She is providing secure video conferencing or telephone therapy so you can still get the support you need from the safety of your home.*** 

Dr. Lofgreen has implemented new office procedures to reduce exposure and help keep all her clients and professionals working at HLCC safe.  If you wish to meet in-person you must see if you qualify first and agree with Dr. Lofgreen that an in-person session is appropriate.  The 3 below forms must be completed for in-person visits:

  1. Dr. Lofgreen’s policy and procedures for in-person visits during COVID-19 to keep you and all professionals at HLCC safe: Dr. Lofgreen’s Policy and Procedure for COVID-19 In-Person Visits

  2. Dr. Lofgreen’s Consent/Waiver for Returning to In-Person Visits: Dr. Lofgreen’s Consent for Returning to In-Person Visits

  3. See this COVID-19 Questionnaire to see if you initially qualify for an in-person visit.  Any “yes” response may disqualify you for in-person session:  COVID-19 Client Questionnaire

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work to safely navigate this unprecedented time.