Integrative Mental Health with Homeopathy

My passion is integrative mental health. My area of expertise is in integrative, homeopathic treatment of bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, postpartum depression and trauma. Not only have I seen phenomenal outcomes in my patients who have received homeopathic and naturopathic treatment, but my life has been changed through my personal experiences with homeopathic medicine. Naturopathic … Continue reading Integrative Mental Health with Homeopathy

Dawning Bridge Studio (Meridian Movement Therapy) 

(A Great Resource for DVDs in Tai Chi and Several Other Energy Workouts to Replenish One’s Body & Mind) 

Linda Cao, LCPC, Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist, and Certified Tai Chi Instructor
North Suburbs of Chicago

Gynecological & Obstetric Associates, SC

Jane Oh, MD (provides acupuncture to treat chronic pain due to medical issues and hot flashes)

675 W. Central Rd, Suite 100A
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Tel: ( 847 ) 392 – 9191