hlcc2Dr. Michelle Kukla is founder and owner of Healthy Living Counseling Center.

After 15 plus years in the mental health field, Dr. Michelle Kukla has witnessed firsthand for years how hard and scary change can be to achieve. In fact, research shows that nearly 50% of people fail to maintain lifestyle changes or adhere to new behavioral regimens.

Consequently, Healthy Living Counseling Center (HLCC) was born out of her dedication to create a practice that was focused on empowering children, teens, couples, and families to healthy living (emotionally, behaviorally, and physically). Here at HLCC you will find a strong and unique commitment to healthy living being a team approach. Based on this philosophy, Dr. Kukla has spent years cultivating close relationships with other healthcare professionals so that a community of support from multiple disciplines and approaches will be available to help further your journey to healthy living.

You will find that HLCC is a healthcare consortium which has allowed a group of healthcare professionals to come together and practice independently.  All the healthcare providers at HLCC share a common mission and vision of delivering premium quality mental health and wellness services that use scientifically validated methods to help people empower themselves to healthier living.  HLCC is committed to keeping costs low and consequently has  provided an environment where therapists and other healthcare professionals can practice as licensees of HLCC thereby allowing them to independently own and operate their own private practice.

HLCC offers a wide range of therapeutic services from general mental health care to more specialized needs such as women’s health issues and medical illnesses to promote better emotional and physical health. HLCC is a counseling practice that works with individuals, couples, and families to help them learn to cope with the challenges of living in a very demanding and stressful world today.  We also have as part of our team a nutritionist and acupuncturist to help us provide more comprehensive care.

Giving Back:  HLCC has an abiding commitment to give back to the community.  Since we are so committed to volunteering a portion of our time to help our surrounding community you will find when visiting our website information on our most recent endeavors such as our Give an Hour work, fundraising to reduce sexual violence and co-sponsoring free wellness/empowerment fests in the Chicagoland area.  Our deep sense of obligation to share our knowledge and talents will continue to propel us forward in finding more innovative ways to help the larger community.  So keep checking our website to see what we are up to next.  Our most recent launch starting in 2015 is “Empower Hour” where we are donating therapy and other wellness services to survivors of sexual violence to help out our Chicagoland organizations that fight to reduce sexual violence.

What is Give an Hour?  Give an Hour is a national program where mental health professionals are donating free counseling services to service members and military veterans and family members of Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  Thus, HLCC is excited to announce that we are a Give an Hour provider.  HLCC is helping to ensure that our military men and women have access to counseling services to provide treatment for their invisible wounds (e.g., post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, & post-deployment issues).  Therefore, we are providing some limited free counseling to our service members.  We hope to donate over $30,000 in free mental healthcare every year.  Please call to see if you are eligible for the Give an Hour program or visit their website at: http://www.giveanhour.org/Home.aspx.

And lastly, welcome to our practice where you will find a caring group of clinicians with years of expertise in administering mental health interventions. Please, call Dr. Michelle Kukla at 847. 701. 4HLC ( 4452 ), or any of our expert clinicians directly to see how HLCC can begin empowering you to healthy living!